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World’s Largest Pork Burger Guinness Record set by city of Humboldt

The city of Humboldt will have a lot on its plate soon. Around 240 pounds of pork to be precise, with a side of notoriety. The city is making an attempt for a place in the Guinness World Records as organizers prepare to cook the world's largest pork burger July 3. The 240-pound pork burger will be 3 1/2 feet in diameter and 10 inches thick, said Tom Greene, event organizer.
The effort is sponsored by the Downtown Humboldt Enrichment Group event committee, and will be cooked on Sumner Avenue in downtown Humboldt as part of the Humboldt Pork and Putt Classic.
"We were thinking of something different to do that would bring business and notoriety to us, and it's something the whole family could get involved in," said Greene.
The burger will be so large the committee has had to order custom cooking and serving pans to work with the massive burger, said Greene. It will take around 10 to 12 hours to cook, said Gary Vinsand, owner of Vinny's BBQ and head of the five-man team cooking the burger. The team will start cooking the burger at 6 a.m. to be ready that afternoon.
"Our biggest challenge is going to be getting it out of the pan and onto the bun in one piece," said Vinsand. "I just hope it works."
The pork burger will be far larger than the last attempt at the record books. According to Greene, the city of Des Moines cooked a pork burger that weighed 127 pounds, but it was never recognized by Guinness World Records.
Hy-Vee has donated the 40-inch bun for the burger, and the meat has come from Miller's Landing, Fireside, Vinny's BBQ, Fareway and Hy-Vee, said Greene.
Once the burger is cooked and officially weighed, attendees at the event can get their piece of Humboldt history for a freewill donation.
"It's something very unique," said Greene.
The event will also be host to 18 holes of miniature golf, a farmers market and entertainment, said Greene. The golf will consist of two-man teams for an admission of $10, and the band H-town Hooligans will start playing downtown at 9 p.m.
"We wanted a family event, and so I think this will be really interesting," said Greene.

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