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World's Largest Lobster Roll in Portland World Record

Talk about a colossal crustacean. People attending Maine's Old Port Festival in Portland on Sunday witnessed what could be the world's largest lobster roll.

It took 45 pounds of lobster meat, four gallons of Miracle Whip and a special blend of herbs and seasonings to create the massive roll. It measured 61 feet, 9.5 inches, which was more than a foot longer than organizers were aiming for.

The roll was so big it had to be brought in on a flat bed truck.

"I love lobster so this is wonderful," said Beverly Kocenko, of Portland's West End Neighborhood Association.

"It looks delicious. Lobster is my favorite food," added Trish Bellino.

"I can't describe it. It's unbelievably good. It's better than anything in the whole State of Maine," said Maryanne Illis Rever, who traveled from Pennsylvania to attend the festival.

A local roller derby team helped carry the sandwich to the festival, where it was cut into sections and sold to raise money for a youth association.

Although it's not official just yet, organizers intend to get the roll certified by Guinness World Records.

World's Largest Lobster Roll Guinness Book of World Record Video

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