100 Feet Iron Chain and Multiple Pad Locks and Unlocked in Short Duration

Amey Vinakumar Sarang known as AVS – The Third Generation Illusionist (Born on 6th February 1984) of Mumbai Maharashtra performed THE 100 – Escape Act with Handcuff’s. They performed 100 Feet Iron Chain and Multiple Pad Locks and unlocked in 42 second at Haiko Mall, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, India on 19th May 2012.

World's Largest Crutches

World's Largest Crutches - 26 Feet - World Record Set by Paavan Solanki and Ranjitsingh Gohil, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Most People Dance on Single Venue - Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Most People Dance Single Venue - Swarnim Gujarat at Sardar Patel Stadium - World Amazing Records - Government of Gujarat

Largest Han drum (Tabla) Ensemble

Largest Han drum (Tabla) Ensemble - 326 Hand Drum (Tabla) Player Playing Tabla Together for Over 1 Hour set World Amazing Record - Shreyas Foundation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - Management by Paavan Solanki - Organize by Tabla Talim Sansthan and Saptak School of Music.

Fastest Running on Mountain Marathon

Kanji Bhaliya - Fastest Running on Mountain Girnar Marathon 2011 - Champion - Junagadh, Gujarat, India

Latest World Records 2012

High Dive in Foot of Water Record set by Professor Splash

It definitely wouldn't have received a 'perfect 10' from the judges, but Darren Taylor's dive, which looked like more of a belly flop, was worthy of a one award ...a Guinness World Record.

Taylor, 47, more commonly known as Professor Splash, challenged and beat his own world record by diving 35 feet 5 inches into 12 inches of water at Water World, 1850 W. 89th Ave., in Federal Heights June 26.

"Bringing the record back to my home crowd is spectacular," said the Denver-native, whose previous records were from dives performed overseas.

The home crowd got quite a show as they temporarily forgot about water slides and wave pools, gathering almost an hour in advance to watch the festivities.

Entertained by performers from Five Star Talent, the spectators looked-on as the set was painstakingly prepared.

A radio tower more than three stories high with a platform only big enough for a pair of feet, overlooked the crowd. More than 35 feet below, a bed of high-density foam laid beneath a children's blow-up pool, complete with smiling dolphins and killer whales, filled with 12 inches of water and 200 pounds of melting ice.

"When I hit, I want hard water," Taylor said about the freezing water temperature, comparing the logistics of the jump to a knife going through warm versus cold butter.

As the moment of truth drew nearer, Taylor slinked slightly behind the scenes to stretch and prepare.

"You're the best in the world, there's a reason for that," he muttered to himself. "Chin up," he said, going through the motions of the dive.

As 11:30 a.m. drew near, the crowd shielded their eyes from the bright sun and tracked Taylor's ascent up the tower ladder.

As he stood poised to make the leap, Taylor thought about his form and making sure to get enough separation from the ladder.

"You have to jump into position," Taylor said. "I never look at that pool, ever."

As the crowd went silent, Taylor leaped from the tower, accelerating to 38 mph before slamming horizontally into the water, creating a mini-tsunami that crashed over the edges of the small pool.

The crowd cheered as Taylor emerged from the water, his arms raised victoriously.
"It was amazing, I've never seen anyone break a record before," Corbin Fitzgerald, 12, of Broomfield said.

Amidst the cheers, were also sighs of relief.

"You anticipate it to work perfectly, but there are no guarantees," said Paul Borrillo, the master of ceremonies.

Taylor has been diving since he was four years old and sharpened his skills by diving at Casa Bonita restaurant and Elitch Gardens. He set his first world record in 2005, diving at 33 feet 10 inches. Taylor's longtime-friend and former diving team partner Scott Stanley, helps set up for many of Taylor's local dives.

"He's a born a high diver," Stanley said.

Besides setting a new record, Taylor's dive also signified the opening of a new Water World park section, The Big Top Family Fun Zone. In an inventive 'ribbon-splashing' ceremony, a red ribbon stretched across Taylor's pool, was broken as Professor Splash hit the water. The Big Top is an 8,600 square feet circus-themed area.

"It was a big dive for The Big Top," Taylor said.

Shortly after the dive, despite a very red chest and having felt his skeleton move upon impact, Taylor said he couldn't feel any pain at the moment.

"Right now, I have the Guinness glow," he said.

World Largest Hockey Stick Guinness Record

The Cowichan Community Centre, in Duncan on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, boasts the largest hockey stick and puck in the world. Built in 1985, the 205-foot hockey stick is built from Douglas Fir wooden beams reinforced with steel, and weighs in at a staggering 61,000 pounds (28,118 kgs).

The World's Largest Hockey Stick & Puck was originally commissioned by the Government of Canada as part of the Expo '86 World's Fair Exposition in Vancouver.

Following the fair, the artifact was donated to the Province of British Columbia, who held a Canada-wide competition to determine its final destination. The Cowichan Community Centre site in the Cowichan Valley was selected from over 30 community and private organizations.

The World's Largest Hockey Stick Society was established to manage the wooden wonder, and successfully raised over $150,000 in cash and donated goods and services from public-spirited businesses, service clubs and private citizens. The fund was used to underwrite the significant cost of dismantling the stick at the Vancouver Expo, freight transfer to Duncan on Vancouver Island, and on-site preparation and reassembly of the display at the Cowichan Community Centre.

In 1994, the society formally transferred ownership of the huge hockey stick and puck to the citizens of the Cowichan Valley, by donating the artifact to the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

Amazing Facts on the World's Biggest Hockey Stick & Puck:

The World's Largest Hockey Stick & Puck is 40 times life size.

The shaft and blade of the stick are made in sections with steel-reinforced Douglas Fir beams measuring 3 foot by 4 foot (91.44 cm by 1.2192 m) for a total length of 205 feet (62.48 metres).

The stick weighs 28,118 kg (61,000 pounds) and was built in Penticton BC. The final product was trucked to Vancouver in two pieces, spliced together on the ground, then lifted into position on August 21, 1985.

After the fair in Vancouver, the hockey stick was transported to Vancouver Island by barge and 3 flat bed trucks exactly two years later, on August 21, 1987.

The World's Largest Hockey Stick & Puck was dedicated at the Cowichan Community Centre in Duncan on May 21, 1988, two years to the day after Expo '86 opened.

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Highest Qualified Woman in India - Limca Book Record

A Lucknow University teacher, Madhurima Lall, has made it to the Limca Book of Records 2008 as the 'highest qualified woman'. She has two D.Litt degrees.

With that, Uttar Pradesh too would for the first time find a mention in the Limca Book of Records.

'The Limca Book of Records has acknowledged me for my two D.Litt (Doctorate of Literature) degrees in applied economics and business administration,' an elated Lall told IANS Thursday.

A person with two D.Litt is very rare. Normally after Ph.D, a student stakes a minimum of five years to complete D.Litt, added Lall.

Lall has been teaching in the Lucknow Univesity's commerce department for the last twenty years.

It is for the first time that Uttar Pradesh has found a place in the Limca Book of Records, an official added.

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Shrikant Jichkar - Highly Qualified Person in India

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Madden NFL 2002 Highest Score Guinness Record

Madden NFL cover boy Daunte Culpepper has established a new Guinness World Record for "Highest Score in the Two-Minute Drill on Madden NFL 2002" with a staggering 14,500 points.

With drives rivaled only by his avatar, former Madden NFL cover boy Daunte Culpepper persevered and established a new Guinness World Record for "Highest Score in the Two-Minute Drill on Madden NFL 2002" with a staggering 14,500 points. Playing the same game that featured him on the cover, Culpepper played as himself with the Minnesota Vikings and made some serious connections to then-teammate Randy Moss. He earned the record at EA's 20th Anniversary Premiere Party for Madden NFL 09, and if unbeaten, will be included in the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2009, scheduled for release next February.

Guinness World Records was at the event to present EA with two Madden NFL franchise records, "Most Games in an NFL Series (16 titles)" and "Highest First Week Sales of an NFL Game (2 million units for Madden NFL 07)", both of which appear in the current Gamer's Edition book. Four other former Madden NFL cover athletes joined Culpepper in celebrating the premiere of the new game at Touch in New York City, including Shaun Alexander, Marshall Faulk, Ray Lewis, and Vince Young.

Culpepper's record was established in a Guinness World Records room where official judges were present to record visitors' attempts at the "Two-Minute Drill" on Madden NFL 2002. The new mark is one of several newly established video game records that Guinness World Records is tracking as it expands its coverage of the video game industry.

The Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008 (SRP: $19.95), the first Guinness World Records book devoted solely to the world of gaming, is on shelves now and bursting with new records, high score statistics and fascinating facts.

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Speedo Launches LZR RACER Swimsuit Olympic edition

SPEEDO, the world's leading swimwear brand, today unveiled the special Olympic edition Team USA LZR RACER suit. Speedo worked with legendary design house Comme des Garcons to develop a one-of-kind look for Team USA featuring the red, white and blue of the American flag.

The launch of the Team USA Speedo LZR RACER allows the original Comme des Garçons design to be finally revealed as the traditional gray and black silhouette has been updated with the patriotic stars and stripes of the United States of America flag. The design by visionary founder of Comme des Garcons, Rei Kawakubo, joins the distinctive metallic silver calligraphy that already appears on the suit. The calligraphy, painted by celebrated artist Inoue Yu-ichi, means ‘kokoro' representing the heart, spirit and mind.

Rei Kawakubo said, "I was interested in expressing the energy and the power that comes from the spirit, embodied in the meaning of the calligraphy, together with the will to win for one's country, symbolized by the iconic flag of the USA. I am very honored and proud that Team USA will be performing in the pool in Beijing with this strong creative design."

Though the Team USA LZR RACER suit will not officially debut until Beijing, it is being unveiled now in conjunction with the upcoming U.S. Olympic Team Trials beginning June 29th in Omaha, Nebraska. Speedo's Team USA LZR RACER will be individually created for, and exclusively available, to all members of Team USA in Beijing.

"I've been wearing the Speedo LZR RACER suit for the past several months and I've had a lot of success in it," said U.S. Olympic Gold medalist and Speedo sponsored swimmer, Natalie Coughlin. "Not only is this the fastest suit out there but it now has a beautiful, patriotic feel to it which is very cool. I hope I have the opportunity to proudly swim in it in Beijing."

An unprecedented 38 world records have been broken by swimmers wearing the LZR Racer since its launch in February. Speedo harnessed the expertise of NASA and a number of international research institutes to create the suit which has 10 percent less passive drag than Speedo's FASTSKIN FSII launched in 2004 and 5 percent less passive drag than Speedo's FASTSKIN FS-PRO, which was launched in March 2007 and swimmers wearing it broke 21 World Records.

Made from an ultra lightweight, low drag, water repellent, and fast-drying fabric unique to Speedo called LZR PULSE, the LZR RACER suit is the world's first fully bonded competition swimsuit. The suit is ultrasonically welded which gives the effect of no seams at all. Ultra low drag LZR panels are laminated onto the base fabric to create a Hydro Form Compression System helping to compress the entire swimmer's body into a more streamlined shape and enabling them to cut through the water with more power and agility.

"Since 1928, Speedo has been leading the world in swimwear design and technology and our partnership with Comme des Garcons continues that pioneering spirit," said Paula Schneider, President of Speedo USA. "The Speedo LZR RACER suit is the ultimate swimsuit through a combination of cutting edge performance, innovation and design. We're proud to offer Team USA the best in technology and design."

To get in the spirit of swimming, the limited edition Team Speedo USA collection is now available for purchase at www.speedousa.com.

TT Games Launches Guinness World Records™: The Videogame

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games are teaming up with Guinness World Records to bring Guinness World Records: The Videogame to Wii and Nintendo DS in fall 2008.

Guinness World Records: The Videogame, developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, will offer players of all ages the opportunity not only to observe and marvel at the most remarkable activities in the world, but actually to participate in them.

Guinness World Records: The Videogame is full of amazing world records, giving players the opportunity to become a real world record breaker! The games quick-fire action challenges can be played solo, in teams, or in competitive multi-player groups.

Accessible game mechanics enable anyone to grow the longest fingernails ever seen; to walk a tightrope across the Grand Canyon; or even eat a jumbo jet. But true skill and dedication will be required to compete at the highest level. The ultimate prize: you may see your name appear in the official Guinness World Records book!

Guinness World Record lends itself wonderfully to an interactive experience for the whole family, said Tom Stone, Managing Director of TT Games Publishing. Were excited at this opportunity to team up with such a well-loved institution to create a really fresh and fun game.

We are very pleased with how Guinness World Records: The Videogame looks and plays, this new development reflects the versatility of our content and how it can be tailored for almost any medium and format, said Sam Fay, Senior Vice President of Guinness World Records. We are sure that the game is going to be a favourite amongst all aspiring record breakers!

Guinness World Records: The Videogame launches in Fall 2008.

About TT Games

TT Games (www.ttgames.com) is the combined publishing and development group behind the hit games LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Star Wars II and BIONICLE Heroes. Incorporating renowned UK developer Travellers Tales, TT Games has a distinctive focus on console, handheld, mobile and PC games of the highest quality, aimed at young gamers and their families.

About Guinness World Records

The first edition of Guinness World Records was published in 1955. Since then the book has gone on to become a record breaker in its own right. With sales of more than 100 million copies in 100 different countries and 24 languages, Guinness World Records is the worlds best ever selling copyright book.

About Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, is a premier worldwide publisher, developer, licensor and distributor of entertainment content for the interactive space across all current and future platforms, including console, handheld and PC-based gaming for both internal and third party game titles.

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Zee Kannada set Limca Book of World Records

Zee Kannada has entered the Limca Book of World Records for its unique handkerchief campaign in support of the Indian team in the Cricket World Cup 2007. The channel's record breaking feat is mentioned under The Biggest and the Smallest section.

Zee Kannada is the first Kannada channel to enter the record books. The campaign, launched in February 2007, saw the channel's team travel across the state to over 50 schools, 25 colleges, IT companies, NGOs, media houses, malls, institutions, shops, and succeeded in collecting over 55,000 hankies, thus creating the world's longest chain of signed handkerchiefs.

Anup Chandrasekharan, business head, Zee Kannada, said, "We at Zee Kannada strive to do things differently and do the best. Records and awards are definitely materialistic recognition for such efforts. This is entirely a team effort and would not have been possible otherwise. The team is ecstatic to be a part of the prestigious Limca Book of World Records."

The chain extended over 17 km in distance. The record was created amidst a lot of fanfare at an event, which was inaugurated by Mysore royal family scion Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar at Palace Grounds, Bangalore. The event also witnessed the record of maximum number of signed handkerchiefs collected (55,000) and the biggest handkerchief with signatures (measuring 48 ft x 52.5 ft).

The campaign had received an overwhelming response not only from the people of Karnataka, but from the entire country. Prominent signatories included Subhash Chandra, chairman, Essel Group, signing the first handkerchief; followed by the then chief minister, H D Kumaraswamy; the then deputy CM, BS Yediyurappa; and various personalities like former home minister, MP Prakash; member of the board and director HR, Infosys, Mohandas Pai; Chenraj Jain, chairman, Jain Group of Institutions; artiste Umashree; swimmer Nisha Millet; and music director Hamsalekha, among many others

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Latest Limca Book of Records 2008

Guinness World Records 2008

World's Most Expensive Newspaper Copy - Zimbrulu and Vulturulu

Romania-- The "Auroch and the Eagle" ("Zimbrulu and Vulturulu"), bought for 830 000 Euros by Joseph Hackmey. sets the world record for the most expensive newspaper copy in the world.

The most expensive newspaper in the world, "Zimbrulu and Vulturulu", was printed in Iasi in 1858. These days it is exposed in the World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2008, at Romexpo. The newspaper with a value of over 830 thousand Euro is back in Romania after more than 2 years in London, in a British collection, and dozens of other years in a bank in Switzerland.

It has become the most valuable copy of a newspaper and the most precious philatelic piece (it is also a collection of postal marks) from a random happening as the Romanian Post representatives said. The famous copy was sent in November 1858 with destination Galati. Because the package was weighting very much, on the copy were applied 8 postal marks Bull Head (Cap de Bour), one of the most rare and appreciated stamp. This is the most famous set of stamps and postal marks applied on a correspondence. At Galati it was sold to a bookseller and collector of stamps.

At the last auction, held in Geneva, the piece had a starting price of 500.000 Euro and was sold for 700.000 Euro. With fees and commissions involved, the final price reached 830.000 Euros. The amount made "Zimbrulu and Vulturulu" the most expensive newspaper copy in the world. At Romexpo the exhibition is organized by the National Romanian Post Office, in collaboration with Romanian Philatelic Federation. The newspaper can be admired in Bucharest between June 20-27.

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Olympic Ring Logo world record set by Bikini Clad Ladies

A bikini battalion of 1,202 ladies gathered Sunday at the Changlong Water Amusement Park in Guangzhou to form the Olympic rings logo and broke a Guinness world record — not for the largest Olympics logo ever formed with human bodies, but for the largest swimsuit photo shoot ever (previous record was set last year at Bondi Beach by 1,010 ladies). Yet another utterly useless record, you might say, but these girls sure look like they're having a blast.

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Wedding Hair Style Latest Trends

'Wedding day' a memorable day for everyone. And who doesn't want to look perfect on his or her important day of life. Of course everyone wants to be looking great from every aspect whether it's about wedding dress, or jewelry. Even wedding hair style also adds the charm to bride or grooms personality.

So what to do for a perfect wedding hair style that will really suit you. Well! Many factors are important to decide the right wedding hair style for you. First of all the shape of your face determines the right hair style for you. If you are confused about what hairstyle will suit you for your wedding day then you should talk to a professional hair stylist. Your hair stylist can give you suggestion about the hair style that will most suit shape of your face. And this should be done a few weeks ahead of the time.

Having the wedding dress can also help you to make wedding hair style selection easily. If the bridal gown is of an off shoulder then you should consider your hair down. If the bridal gown has a high neck then wears the hair up.

One should also make arrangements with the hairdresser to have a practice run for her wedding hair style. It will work definitely. Bear in mind that what suits others may not suit you also. Above all the thing that matters is your wedding hair style has to be comfortable. And remember one more thing that it's you who are going to be getting married and not a fairytale image of yours so it should not be so different.

The theme of your wedding party also impact what wedding hair style you will want to select from. A princess hair style or a queen hair style can be chosen for a bridal. A bridal can also choose the more unconventional wedding hair style.

The princess hair style is one of the most flattering hairstyle which a young bride could choose for her wedding day. In this wedding hair style the hairs require to be pulled back from the face. This look has been preferred choice by the bridals for several years. This hairstyle works for the bride with long hair or medium hair.

The queen hair style is much similar like the princess hairstyle with the exception that this wedding hair style is more complicated and it may include side bangs to soften the severe look of aristocracy also. Middle paths or side paths can be used in the hair which could either be loosely or tightly pulled back.

Handbag Fashion Style Trend 2008

Most women cannot leave the house without bringing a purse or a handbag with them. After all, carrying a purse along is a convenient way of lugging loose change, a cell phone, a compact, a comb, a lipstick, keys, a vial of perfume, reading material, and all the other stuff that women cannot leave home without. Toting a purse or a handbag saves women from having stuffed and bulky pockets, if they have pockets at all.

However, as convenient as a handbag is in helping us carry stuff around, what many women fail to realize is that a handbag or a purse is a fashion accessory. So, because it is a fashion accessory, it should work with the rest of the outfit.

But more importantly than that, when you choose a purse or a handbag to go with your outfit, you should pick one that should match the type of body that you have. You may not be aware of it, but when someone looks at you, the first thing about your outfit that this someone would be likely to notice is your handbag. Depending on what kind of handbag you are carrying, you may be drawing attention to the curves of your body that you may prefer to de-emphasize.

It is all about balance. Just like any piece of clothing or accessory that you have on you, your purse should make your figure appear balanced. It should hide what you may want to hide and emphasize what you may want to emphasize.

One of the principles that you should be following when picking out a purse to match your outfit is that large handbags go with amply padded bodies, while small purses go with smaller bodies. If you are a petite person, the type of purse that you should be using is small. If you wear plus sizes, you should go for bigger handbags. That is one of the basic principles that you should observe when choosing a handbag.

So, which type of purse should go with which type of curves? Going with the principle on size on choosing handbags, if you are short with only a slight figure, you should go for a handbag that is small and is something that you can hold close to your body. Never ever buy a big purse because you will drown in it. Holding a big purse if your body is small would make you look as if the purse is carrying you, and not the other way around.

If you are the tall and lanky type, with not much on you in terms of curves, your challenge is to create the illusion of having a curvy figure and to hide the straight leanness of your body. You can achieve this by wearing a purse that is medium-sized and with a long shoulder strap that will allow you to hold the purse close to your waist. Holding the purse against the waist will make you seem that you have a slender waist that gently slopes to your hips.

Now, if your hips are wide and heavy, the handbag you need is something that will draw the eyes away from your hips and lower body. The perfect handbag for you is something with a shoulder strap that will allow the handbag to hang just above your hips. In this way, anyone who looks at you will have his or her eyes drawn to your upper body, rather than to your hips.

Girls with top-heavy figures, on the other hand, would want to call attention away from their upper bodies. If your figure is top-heavy, the handbag that you need is something that has long straps, something that you can hold close to your hips. Remember to get a large purse to balance out your top-heavy body.

Never ever use a small handbag if you have a plus size figure. As we said above, toting a small purse will only call attention to your size. Always go for a wide handbag that will lend a balanced look to your figure.

If you have the perfect hourglass figure, with your bust line in proportion to your hips and with a definite waist, you are to be envied. You can lug along just about any type of purse or handbag there is. But then again, you should still be conscious about the way your purse balances out your figure. Always get a handbag that is just the right size compared to your body. So, if you are on the short and lean side, go for a small bag. If you are big and really curvy, a big bag will work for you.

Always remember that your purse or handbag is a fashion accessory. You should make it work to balance out your figure.

Highest Popping Toaster World Record

A world record has been set for the highest popping toaster. Freddie Yauner, 26, sent his toast 2.6 metres (8.5ft) into the air at the Royal College of Art graduate show. The London exhibition features the work of more than 200 art and design postgraduates.

Freddie Yauner, 26, from London, set the Guinness World Record during the Royal College of Art graduate show.

A piece of toast popped from the toaster by Mr Yauner reached a height of 2.6metres (8.5ft).

The unique record, the first of its kind in the records book, was confirmed by an adjudicator who was present to witness the attempt.

Mr Yauner said: "All my works are satirical pieces that have a serious side.

"We constantly conjure up too many objects that do far more than they need to do, with extra features year-on-year.

"The popping element of a toaster is totally unnecessary."

More than 200 creations and designs by students have been put on display at the event which runs until 5 July.

Source : BBC.co.uk

45 Hours Guitar Playing World Record set by Indian Boy

Fourteen-year-old Akash Gupta on Tuesday set a new world record by playing his guitar for 45 hours here, Guinness World Records judge Ralph Hana said.

Akash began playing the instrument at the 162-year-old St. Peter's College Sunday and broke American Brian Engelhart's 2005 record of 44 hours at about 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

However, the teenager continued playing, with the aim of breaking his own record of 52 hours and 48 minutes that earned him a place in the Limca Book of Records last year. Guiness does not recognise the Limca record.

A large crowd cheered Akash as he strummed his guitar.

Hanna said an increasing number of Indians were queuing up to set records, which earlier attracted mostly Europeans and Americans.

"Such activities get the people of the town together as they encourage and cheer their hero to scale new heights. As you can see in Agra, people are very involved," he said.

Two other residents of the city of Taj hold world records. Parthasarthy Sharma, a homeopath, holds the record for examining the highest number of patients in a year and Shandilya for playing the longest flute -- six feet.

"The spirit of adventure is crucial for human progress. Ever higher, better than before - these thoughts fuelled man's urge to compete and set new records," Hanna said.

World’s Biggest Coffin World Record

Ukrainian undertakers say they have built the world’s first death-themed restaurant - in a 65ft long coffin.

The huge casket is decorated with dozens of wreaths and normal-sized coffins. Diners can order from a menu that includes ‘Nine Day’ and ‘Forty Day’ salads - named after local mourning rituals - and a dish called ‘Let’s meet in paradise’. The restaurant, called Eternity, is the work of a funeral parlour in the town of Truskavets, in the west of the country near the Polish border.

The undertakers hope their restaurant will be confirmed as the world’s biggest coffin. Guinness World Records confirmed the biggest coffin title is currently unclaimed, but said they had yet to receive an application from Ukraine.

Source : http://www.dailytimes.com.pk

Heart Tattoos - Amazing Modern Body Art

Throughout our history dating all the way back to the time just prior to the ice age varieties of the heart symbol have been found across the globe. Symbols of the heart have been used by just about every culture, from the ancient Egyptians to Greek mythology to the tribes of Africa.

Heart tattoos have evolved from the symbol on the sailor’s arm as a tribute to his mother to one of the most complex designs with the greatest number of variations around. Heart tattoos are common on both men and women and can be designed as a tribal tattoo, a Celtic tattoo, or even your basic greeting-card style heart. They can be placed on numerous area of the body, commonly showing up on arms, ankles, hips, chests, and lower back areas.
Common Heart Tattoo Meanings

Heart tattoos can mean many different things to many different people. Throughout history, different cultures have used the heart to symbolize different things and no singular meaning has made itself common to date. The same applies to heart tattoos. Depending on the color, style, combinations with other items, and placement on the body, a heart tattoo can mean almost anything.

Heart tattoos can represent any number of meanings, moods, and personalities. One of the most common in western culture is the red heart symbolizing love. These hearts are often combined with roses or banners stating the loved one’s name to proclaim everlasting romantic love. Heart tattoos combined with daggers, swords, or knives can represent either betrayal or courage, depending on the person wearing the tattoo. One type of heart tattoo design is commonly acknowledged as the “sacred heart of Christ”, and the wearer of this tattoo is stating their devotion and understanding of the love of Christ in a Christian sense.

Tribal hearts rendered in basic colors usually represent an individual with their emotions under control. Heart tattoos with wings, normally found on the shoulder, chest, or lower back, is known to signify a person with a happy, pure, and free spirit. This can also be designated by a heart design with a halo above it. Hearts combined with other symbols such as animals, sports items, or nature indicates a love for that particular item. Heart tattoos displayed as broken, black, or only half is displayed symbolized grief and loss.

Regardless if it is the individual’s first tattoo or their tenth, a heart tattoo is an everlasting reminder of a passion of the individual decorated with it.

There are few symbols in the world that can match the complexity of the heart, and heart tattoos are no different. Whether they signify passion, loss, or love, heart tattoos have been around for generations and will continue to be 'immortalised' in skin for many generations to come.
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World's Largest Photo Album Record set by Johnson's Baby

On 10 June 2008, an enormous photo album was unveiled in Beijing, China, which broke the previous Guinness World Record for the world’s largest photo album. The record breaking photo album measures 4 m x 5 m (13.1 ft x 16.4 ft) and was created by Johnson's Baby, China. Guinness World Records adjudicator Angela Wu presented a certificate commemorating this achievement at a ceremony held by the album’s creators.

The photo album is an exact scaled up version of a normal sized photo album, and contains 10 pages which can hold up to six large scale photographs. Due to the sheer size of the pages, it takes at least two adults to turn each page. All the photos feature images of mothers and babies which demonstrate the bond of motherly love.

The photos included in this album were chosen from many photos submitted to Johnson’s Baby China. The collecting of the photographs began last year and took place all over China, many mothers took part in, including the internationally famous table tennis player Ms Deng Yaping, who, along with her mother was also present at the certificate ceremony.

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Courtsy : Guinness World Record

Group of Indian Dancer set World Record at Cupertino

Dancers in Cupertino will be forever memorialized in a book that honors loud burps, long fingernails and large groups of breastfeeding mothers.

"We are in the history books," Anand Kuchibhotla said today, after his group, Silicon Andhra organized a dancing feat that earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Saturday, 380 "kuchipudi" dancers set a world record for being the largest group of kuchipudi dancers performing continually for more than 5 minutes on a flat stage. They danced for 8 1/2 minutes.

Guinness adjudicator Danny Girton oversaw the event, and handed a certificate to Kuchibhotla, a 46-year-old Internet startup vice president who grew up with kuchipudi dancing in his home state of Andhra Pradesh and came up with the idea.

"When he announced that we met all the standards, 2,000 people in the audience gave a standing ovation. They were screaming and saying 'Wooooooooo.' It was unbelievable," Kuchibhotla said.

Pronounced Koo-chee-poo-dee, the dance is about 1,000 years old, born in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh after a village by the same name. Dancers often represent Hindu gods, and act out stories for their audiences.

Dancers flew in from Russia, India, Singaore, Germany, England, Canada, and came from all over the United States. They flocked to Cupertino not only to set a world record but for the world's first international three-day kuchipudi convention, organized by Kuchibhotla's group, Silicon Andhra.

Kuchibhotla said that anyone is invited to try to beat the Cupertino dancing numbers, but he's warned, that he believes Guinness will have a new entry at the next kuchipudi convention planned December 2010 in India.

"That's when we're going to break the new record we just set," he said.

Human Peace Sign Ithaca Guinness World Record

Nearly 6,000 people who formed a massive human peace sign in Ithaca are hoping their effort is good enough for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Guinness doesn't have a peace sign category, said Guinness spokeswoman Jamie Panas. But if it decides to add one, the Ithaca group would claim the record, said Trevor Dougherty, a sophomore at Ithaca High School who organized the event as a follow-up to a YouTube video he filmed called "Stand Up for World Peace."

Dougherty said Ithaca will ask Guinness to sanction its record of 5,814 people.

Panas said Guinness researches all new record proposals and uses its discretion on what to accept as new categories. Records must be measurable, verifiable and breakable and must serve the public's interest, she said.

Each year, Guinness receives about 65,000 inquiries from people wanting to set or break records, according to its Web site. It usually takes four to six weeks to decide on a record application, the Web site said. Guinness counts more than 40,000 records.

Dougherty told The Ithaca Journal a video of Sunday's event will be released on Youtube.com within the next few weeks.

The event capped the three-day Ithaca Festival.

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Indian students Among the Best rated by Oxford University

The Oxford University considers Indian students among the best in the world and would like more of them joining its campus, Chancellor Chris Patten has said.

The university, which produced the likes of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia, has presently 257 Indian students on roll. But one-third of its students are from China.

"We want more Indian students because we want the best in the world to come to Oxford," Mr. Patten said. Most of the Indian students are in the Said Business School.

"About a quarter of the students are doing MBAs...but I would like to see more in social sciences and humanities, doing both under-graduate and post-graduate work," he said.

Though Indians are less in number, they have won more scholarships than the Chinese.

Last year, they won 54 different scholarships, including the prestigious Rhodes scholarship, according to an Oxford journal. "They (Indians) probably got more than China," the Chancellor said.

He said the number of scholarships may go up as the university improves its financial position.

"I hope as we develop our endowments we will be able to offer many more (scholarships) to post-graduate students in the next few years," Patten said. The university has developed a Master’s programme in South Asian studies.

For a one-year MBA programme, it could cost as much as Rs. 40 lakh, including the cost of tuition fee, boarding and lodging and the out-of-pocket expenses.

"It is a different world out here...We are gaining immensely," said Karandeep Singh Vohra, pursuing MBA at the Said Business School.

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