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World Longest Dreadlocks Guinness World Record

Asha Mandela of South Florida is hoping to set the Guinness Book record for World's Longest Dreadlocks. The 46-year-old woman has been growing her hair for the past twenty years. According to Associated Press, Asha Mandela uses a full bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner to wash her hair each time. Asha Mandela's hair currently measures at 8 feet 9 inches.

A native of Trinidad, Asha Mandela began growing her out her hair after moving to Brooklyn, NY. She also made the decision to stop using chemicals in her hair. Asha Mandela finds creative uses for her hair, cradling it in her arms like a baby, or using as a neck scarf. On summer days, Asha Mandela sits in the sun for the entire day waiting for her hair to dry. Asha Mandela has contemplated cutting her hair at different points in her life, but she has become too attached to let it go.

Asha Mandela: Human Body World Records
Asha Mandela represents one of many astounding human body world records. The world's tallest man is a Ukrainian named Leonid Stadnik. According to the World Records Academy, he holds the world record at 8 feet 5 inches, just four inches shy of Asha Mandela's hair. Leonid Stadnik worked as a veterinarian before having to quit his job. His feet had become frostbitten because he was unable to find proper shoes for his size 64 feet. However, since becoming famous, friends from Ukraine and all over the world have provided him with clothes, shoes, and transportation. The president of Ukraine even gave him a new giant van.

While Asha Mandela sets the world record for longest dreadlocks, Cathie Jung has set the world record for smallest waist. Cathie Jung's waist currently measures at 15 inches. She developed her figure by wearing corsets every day since she was 22. Her husband, an orthopedic surgeon, does not believe the corsets are harmful to her body. Cathie Jung grew up watching movies like Gone With the Wind and remembers admiring the women's figures. She also has a keen interest in Victorian clothing. One has to wonder what she would look like with Asha Mandela's hair. Asha Mandela's hair would probably make her topple over.

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Alicia said...

She gives me great hope! I am sooo excited to see my people (of color) in the lime lite for something positive.

iriesoaringeagle said...

this is not even close to the longest dread, the longest dreads over 38 feet for all the truth about dreads

longest dread is 1 single dread very thick the guys from thailand i believe

chocodee said...

Dear Asha Mandela
My ancestors are also mixed- but it's not them alone, that allows my hair to have "good" texture enough to grow my beautiful locks...It's DA KINK IN MY HAIR as well that gives me that edge...WE have to be careful that our words are not oppressive, and damaging to our own culture...

Andrea from England/Antiguan

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