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Largest Breasts in the World Record set by Norma Stitz

HER breasts have made the Guinness Book of Records, now meet the woman who boasts the largest chest in the world.

Norma Stitz, real name Annie Hawkins -Turner, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Jackson State University and got a BSW (Bachelor of Social Work). Norma began sending in pictures to publications in the early 1990's and was finally published in 1994. Treated mainly as a curiousity, the magazines soon learned that there are many men out there that really do love big tits like this and she began appearing in more mag's. By 1997 she was also making her own movies as well.

In 1999, Guinness World Records declared Norma as having the Biggest Natural Breasts in the world and also the owner of the largest bra. Her measurements at the time were 70-48-52". Her bra size was 48V. Each tit weighed 28 pounds and she weighed 270. Since then her tits have grown up to 72ZZZ and she tops the scale at 345 pounds.

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